Software development Software development and solutions that suit your current and future needs using state of the art server side MVC frameworks in PHP and Ruby on Rails
Mobile Applications Enterprise mobile and custom applications suitable for corporate employees and customers, using industry standard frameworks and targeted to all platforms, Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile
Database services On demand enterprise database solutions and services in the areas of database architecture, administration,and custom solutions

Innovative Service

The team at Grand Infotech always thrive to innovate to deliver the best user experience and services

Innovation is driven by the continuous update of the latest state of the art technologies

Deliver it right

Each and every team member continuously encouraged and monitored to deliver the task right all the time

All phases of the software development life cycle rigourously followed to ensure quality of the deliverables

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Best performance and productivity by the enthusiastic and always challenged team drive the success

Hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed with no frills return of money for any deliverable related satisfaction scoring