Software product development

Software product engineering and custom product development. Industry best server side development with latest server side frameworks, user interface and client application development using latest technologies and frameworks.

  • Native application development.
  • Browser independent web applications

Mobile applications development

Mobile applications development with server side support for complete RESTful interfaces targeted to all major mobile platforms. Responsive web design to target different devices and screens.

  • Enterprise mobile applications devlopment targeted to smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop environments.
  • Custom mobile applications development targeted to smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop environments

Database solutions and services

On demand enterprise optimized solutions for software product development and services in the areas of database custom solutions and services.

  • MySql, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server
  • MongoDB, HBase, CouchDB, Hadoop, Spark

Custom software product development

Custom software product development in multi-platform environments.

  • Write once and deploy to any targeted platform
  • Mutli device support
  • Plugins and adapter development
  • Native platform with built-in plugins and adapaters